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Part 1 Safety Management System “Health, Safety & Environment Policy”

Safety Policy Software has been specifically designed to act as a central database of your organisation’s safety policy documents and procedures.


Part 1a Statement of Intent

Your promise about how you will protect your most valuable asset and those affected by your acts or omissions.


Part 1b Organisation and responsibilities

For those who have responsibilities within your organisation and how they will discharge their duties.


Part 1c Arrangements

These are your organisations statements on how, who, when and where the organisation has put arrangements in place to manage the health and safety within your business.

With the Safety Policy software application you can easily maintain an accurate and accessible inventory of all of your safety documents.


Part 2 Safety Management System “Procedures”

These Procedures are written to explain how the Arrangements listed within the Health, Safety & Environment Policy will be implemented.


Part 3 Safety Management System “Forms”

This section of the Safety Management System contains the Forms that are to be used to record the results of the implementation of the Procedures.

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